Robot Demo


Robotian : 로봇정보

Robot Systems : by ROVer Ranch at NASA.  로봇을 구성하는 요소 즉 Controller, Body, Mobility, Power, Sensors, Tools설명. 초보자에게 보기 좋다. 

NASA's Robot Web Links : Robonaut (an advanced humanoid system), Urbie (the Urban Robot), nanorobots 등등에 대한 자세한 설명.

Kismet: 사교적인 Humanoid Robot : MIT의 Humanoid Robotic Group에서 만든 로봇 Kismet

Humanoid Robot : Reading  대학, Cybernetics 학과, Kevin Warwick

Vikia : Social Robot Project : Carnegie Mellon 대학의 Robotics Department , Human Computer Interaction Institute , Entertainment Techology Center 공동으로 제작한 로봇 vikia

The Flocking Robots Project : AI Lab, Department of Information Technology, University of Zurich. 무리지어 다니는 새 (flocking bird)들처럼 일사 불란한 행동을 multiagent와 robot으로 구현하는 project

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Project(AIR) in Italy(Politecnico di Milano)

Autonomous Undersea Systems

Dante II Walking Robot (CMU)
The CMU Field Robotics Center (FRC) developed Dante II, a tethered walking robot, which explored the Mt. Spurr (Aleutian Range, Alaska) volcano in July 1994. The use of robotic explorers, such as Dante II, opens a new era in field techniques by enabling scientists to remotely conduct research and exploration.

Demonstration of two robot motion planning algorithms(University of Minisota)

Kismet: A Robot for Social Interactions with Humans(MIT)

AIBO    Asimo   Cog

Minerva, The Robotic Tour Guide (CMU and University of Bonn)
Minerva is an intelligent mobile robot tour-guide that moves daily through crowds at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. You can know more about it
from its homepage at CMU.

Miscellaneous Robot Demos

Robot Tele-operation (USC)
The MERCURY PROJECT allows users to tele-operate a robot arm moving over a terrain filled with buried artifacts. A CCD camera and pneumatic nozzle mounted on the robot allow users to select viewpoints and to direct short bursts of compressed air into the terrain. Thus users can "excavate" regions within the sand by positioning the arm, delivering a burst of air, and viewing the newly cleared region.

Tracking and Grasping Moving Objects (Columbia)
Coordination between an organism's sensing modalities and motor control system is a hallmark of intelligent behavior, and we are pursuing the goal of building an integrated sensing and actuation system that can operate in dynamic as opposed to static environments. The system we are building is a multi-sensor system that integrates work in real-time vision, robotic arm control and stable grasping of objects. Our first attempts at this have resulted in a system that can track and stably grasp a moving model train in real-time.

Vision-based Robotics using estimation(Northwestern AI Research Lab)


Aerial robot : MIT : 나르는 로봇(헬리콥터 비디오)